H I T - P R O J E C T 2.0
Individual coaching & career orientation

Personal and professional perspective education of young people
with a focus on democracy and experiential education at Mehringplatz

In January 2018 the HIT project 2.0 - supported by the Kurt & Maria Dohle Foundation - started in the Intihaus with the aim to contribute to the improvement of the living environment and life chances of disadvantaged and burdened teenagers and young adults at Mehringplatz. 

Attractive and practical offers and activities are intended to support marginalised young people and enable them to pursue individual and realistic educational and professional biographical plans and to experience self-efficacy.

In the HIT project at a Kreuzberg "focal point school", 220 young people were able to receive intensive, practical and eye-level guidance and sustainable support in their professional orientation between 2012 and 2018. This project was successfully completed in early 2018. This and the many years of experience gained in school and extracurricular project work with regard to the interface to perspective education and career orientation for young people who, due to their individual situation, have difficulties in achieving, completing or entering into working life a vocational qualification, form the basis for the HIT project 2.0.

Competence training in groups and in individual work, elements of experiential education, workshops and methods that promote respect and tolerance as well as space for thematic discussions to promote independent judgement and opinion formation have a strengthening effect on the participants. An attractive, medial and lifelike orientation and implementation of the contents and above all the trusting relationship between coach and youth is an important part of the content work in the project. In the course of participation, the teenagers and young adults make positive developments with regard to their motivation, teamwork and reliability.

Five days a week, teenagers and young adults can participate in the project. The weekly participation is case-dependent and varies between individual appointments and group offers with a duration of 90 minutes or even several hours per week per participant*. The type and length of coaching is recorded in three coaching formats and is divided into different modules in terms of content. 

The participation is free of charge.

You don't have a plan for your future, are looking for an apprenticeship, have private or legal problems and don't know how to tackle them - then get in touch with us - we will support you!

You can reach Sila under: sila[at]intihaus[dot]de
You can reach Nils under: nils[at]intihaus[dot]de

...or you can come over:
that's best done in our open office hours:
Monday through Thursday from 14:00 to 16:00 


The HIT project has been funded by the Dohle Foundation from Siegburg since 2012.


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