The Children's Carnival of Cultures was founded in 1996 and since then has been held annually on the day before the big parade of the "Carnival of Cultures", always on Whit Saturday in Berlin Kreuzberg.

It is an offer for the whole family, which is oriented towards the needs and interests of the children. For 24 years, the children's carnival has been setting an example against discrimination and xenophobia through its concern for the unrestricted participation of all children, thus illustrating "in passing" the artistic and social successes of the coexistence of different cultures in Berlin.

The children's carnival is now the largest non-commercial, grassroots organized children's and family festival in Berlin. In addition to the vision of a multicultural children's festival, one of the goals is to organize the children's carnival as a forum for child and youth work and to offer the institutions a platform on which they can present their diverse offers to a large public.

If you and your institution want to participate in the Children's Carnival 2020 with a games, information or food stand, melden Sie sich hier an!



They look like underwater flowers, but in reality they are animals: the corals. There are many different species and they live in all the oceans of the world. But the corals are threatened - by climate change, air pollution and the nets of the fishing industry.

Corals look like colourful underwater flowers, but in reality they are small marine animals that cannot move, but rather stick to one place, a colony, for the rest of their lives, constantly excreting lime and filtering nutrients from the seawater. There are different types of corals, such as hard corals, which form large coral reefs, some of which are thousands of years old. They serve as a habitat for a huge number of marine life, such as snails, crabs and fish. Scientists assume that a quarter of all fish species in the sea live in coral reefs.

In recent years, however, a great many corals have died off. They then lose their colour and all that remains is the white skeleton of limestone. Recently, this is happening more and more often in different parts of the sea. In the famous Great Barrier Reef off Australia, more than half of the corals are already badly damaged or dead.

There are different causes for the endangerment of the corals. One is the climate change, i.e. the global warming and the rise of the sea temperature. If the water is too warm, the corals cannot survive. They lose their colour, die and can no longer provide a habitat for fish.

Another threat to corals is fishing. Large trawl nets are pulled over the sea floor, destroying the coral reefs in the process.

Many corals are also destroyed when oil and gas are extracted and marine pollution, e.g. plastic, also endangers the corals.

If we do not act, the builders of the reefs, the corals, are in danger of disappearing forever. Therefore, the 24th Berlin Children's Carnival of Cultures has the motto: "And now everyone: We protect the coral!"

... JOIN US!

In the run-up to the festival, a theme song will be produced in the KMA and an accompanying choreography will be developed together with children. In school and regular weekly courses, costumes and floats are designed, and music and dance contributions to the stage programme are developed. In order to ensure that all children can take part in the activities and events and experience this day as something very special, it has been the aim since the beginning of the children's carnival to offer the play and participation activities free of charge. This has been a great challenge year after year.
You can actively support the Berlin Children's Carnival of Cultures, whether through small or large donations of money and goods or through your active participation - every helping hand is a great benefit for us!

The Berlin Children's Carnival of Cultures is a children's festival independent of the Carnival of Cultures and has been organized by the Kreuzberger Musikalische Aktion e.V. for 24 years.

Take part in the children's carnival! As an institution, school class or with friends? Meldet euch mit euren künstlerischen Talenten zum Kostümumzug oder zum Bühnenprogramm an!


Route Through Kreuzberg

Here you can get an idea of the route of the children's carnival.
It begins at Mariannenplatz and ends in Görlitzer Park.



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