Since it's founding in 1987, the KMA has received no consist funding. To ensure effective work on a long-term basis, we require outside support. This can be financial support, strong partnerships, or the donation of needed goods and materials.

Every year, more children and teenagers in our city face hardship and adversity through no fault of their own. Many of them live without the warmth and security of a strong family structure, which seems so normal and expected to many of us. This loss cannot be offset through material offerings. However, it is through adequate financial and material endowment that makes our efforts for the welfare of the children in our care possible. Despite all of our efforts to operate as economically as possible we are still in need of support from the community- your aid for children and teenagers. With this in mind, we ask you to contribute to our cause.



Are you celebrating something? Instead of receiving gifts, do you wish to make a donation to the KMA to help with our children and youth work?



Whether through social media, our newsletter or with Backlinks, you can always help spread the word about the KMA and inspire others to help us in our cause!


Would you be interested in having your company partner with the KMA?


As a criminal judge, official, or attorney you can give the children and youth of our community a shot at a better future through money donations. 

Donations Account

Please Transfere your donation to the following account

Kreuzberger Musikalische Aktion e.V. [or KMA e.V.]
IBAN: DE61 100 500 00 064 0016 693
Berliner Sparkasse

Konto-Nr.: 640016693
BLZ: 100 500 00
Berliner Sparkasse

Thank you

Your help for children and young people
As a non-profit organization, the Kreuzberg Musikalische Aktion e.V. guarantees the appropriate use of all grants received. All donations are tax deductible [donation receipt] and we provide regular reports on how they are being used. Your support helps provide valuable life experiences and opportunities for an important, yet vulnerable, segment of our community, the youth.  

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